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Strange F2P Trade Reqs

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⚡ botthestrange - F2P Trade Requirements⚡






This script is designed to get past the Skill and Quests requirements for F2P trade restrictions consistently in about 3 hours.  All you need to do is get the other 17 hours of play time by afk'ing or botting without getting banned 😉 
Gets past the F2P Level & Quest Trade requirements with 1 click
✔ Does tutorial Island
Farms initial gold for quest items
Levels a skill to get the last 3 levels that quest do not get.
When done, will walk to the GE and log out.
✔ Does the below quests to get the quest requirement and skills
     ✔ Imp Catcher
     ✔ Dorics Quest
     ✔ Goblin Diplomacy
     ✔ The Knight's Sword
     ✔ Vampyre Slayer
Recommended Setup:
✔ Mirror Mode 100%
✔ Set Reaction Time to 50ms
✔ Set to dismiss random events
✔ Local IP or solid Proxy.  (Have seen VPN's and country's outside US and UK get banned more frequently)
✔ When starting Tutorial Island if using mirror mode you have to manually change to fixed screen size.  When talking to the first NPC select "I am an experienced player".
✔ Don't run more than 5 accounts at a time, especially if on the same IP - otherwise you risk a chain ban, or the script being picked up and increasing ban rate for everyone.
CLI Support:
-script 1144:name="F2P Trade Reqs"_popups=false_editor=false_queue=false
Script Factory Expansion Script
Bug Reports / How to report new problems:
If you post that its "not working" or saying you are having an issue without following the bug report below, your report will be ignored.  Please reference the known issues section above to ensure this is a new issue before reporting.
What is the issue:
What is the Script State set to (which phase):
What method number/s is the script hanging or looping on:
Have you tried restarting your PC/Client/Script to see if the issue comes back before reporting: 
Any other information you feel may be helpful to allow me to resolve the issue:
Attach a screenshot if possible:
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Initial release
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