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OSRS Script Factory


OSRS Script Factory:


OSRS Script Factory - Expansion:



What is the Expansion pack?

- The Expansion pack comes with exclusive, higher quality, scripts that are only available to Expansion pack users. These scripts are still created by community users, but only users who have proven their knowledge of Script Factory may be eligible to create an Expansion script. A list of the current scripts available may be found below:


...more coming really soon <3 


Do I have to purchase the standard Script Factory first to obtain the Expansion pack?

- Simple answer is no. The expansion pack contains the same features as the standard version, so you do not have to purchase both of them. You may just buy the Expansion pack.


Do I have to pay $50 for the Expansion pack if I already purchased the standard $25 Script Factory?

- Simple answer is no. If you have already purchased the standard version of Script Factory, then it is only $24.99 to upgrade to the Expansion pack



Have any other questions? Please let us know!



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2 minutes ago, LadderGoat said:

Sad to hear that you gotta pay the extra 25$ for the expansion pack when you already paid 25$, while others are just paying 25$ for the whole package. Or am i miss understanding things here?

If you don't currently own Script Factory, the Expansion pack is $50. However, If you do currently own Script Factory, the Expansion pack is only $24.99.

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Posted (edited)
On 4/28/2021 at 11:51 PM, LadderGoat said:

House Hunter from IR0N doesn't work at all, could he take a look at it?

Report to the author like it says in the repository. This is not the right place. That also isn't even an Expansion script...

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