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  Nifty Agility

current version: v. 2.01

Courses available:
- Gnome Stronghold - Complete
- Draynor Village - Complete
- Varrock - Complete
- Canifis - Complete
- Falador - Complete
- Seers Village - Complete
- Pollnivneach - Complete
- Ardougne - Complete
I'm more than happy to take feedback but I can't promise quick updates.
-v1.01 - Fixed user input mess up
-v1.02 - Added progressive support and fixed two bugs
-v1.03 - Break handler added (by Powerrangeralt)
-v1.04 - Varrock and Canifis bug fixes, progress screenshots
-v1.05 - Fixed Gnome Stronghold bugs and added paint from the legendary Sellout
-v1.06 - Fixed the camera movement syntax, removed some unnecessary pauses, and added Seers Village. It's been a while since I tested Seers, so please bear with me as I don't have an account with 60 agility to test it.
-v1.07 - Added the drop down course options instead of the free-form user input
-v1.08 - Fixed Seers Village course reset, added a method to handle first Gnome Stronghold entry, added some failsafes for course switching so it doesn't try to use the web walker from a rooftop.
-v1.09 - Bug fix for Draynor
-v1.10 - Fixed Gnome Stronghold entrance bug + added a few failsafes for the course. Big thank you to Pedge for lending me a testing account.
-v2.01 -Removed progressive option but added Falador, Pollnivneach, and Ardougne
Progress reports:
To be added...
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