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Progressive Craft 2 Gold

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Progressive Craft 2 Gold
Created by Juiced308
DNeAGaDacnL-O31ntfMdEtzTlqiqAmZvoVAHIqnIuHICOKzrQt6d0uaUH8LszTzqVNAkVahV-bUS1qYRNL3aGN23kvc9psnUe0zQyW2jDjXnaOCkoRIFovTmWHNyuQauD9QB-VFE Craft 2 Gold Progressive Crafter DNeAGaDacnL-O31ntfMdEtzTlqiqAmZvoVAHIqnIuHICOKzrQt6d0uaUH8LszTzqVNAkVahV-bUS1qYRNL3aGN23kvc9psnUe0zQyW2jDjXnaOCkoRIFovTmWHNyuQauD9QB-VFE
Progressive f2p Crafting script. Uses Edgeville furnace to gain 1-43 Crafting levels. 
Progressive Crafting levels
  1. Leather gloves, lvl 1-5
  2. Gold rings, lvl 5-6
  3. Gold necklaces, lvl 6-8
  4. Gold Amulet (u), lvl 8-20
  5. Sapphire Rings, lvl 20-22
  6. Sapphire Necklaces, lvl 22-24
  7. Sapphire Amulet (u), lvl 24-31
  8. Emerald Amulet (u), lvl 31-40
  9. Ruby Necklaces, lvl 40-43
Set up
Start in Edgeville bank. You will need 2 Needles; 6 Thread; 29 Leather; 815 gold bars; 175 cut sapphires, 320 cut emeralds, 175 cut rubies; 2x amulet moulds, 2x necklace moulds, 2x ring moulds. 
Note:The extra needle and jewelry moulds are needed in case the bot withdraws one and gets caught in a loop check. Having extra in the bank will autocorrect itself.
Observations: Overall it gets the job done. I have successfully leveled three accounts to level 43 using this. 
All together the supplies come with a hefty price tag of 431,323gp at the time of this posting but crafted items will sell for around 460k when finished. The idea is that most if not all costs will be recooperated.
I’d say it's 95% flawless, but be sure to babysit for a couple of minutes! Enjoy everyone!!
Future plans
- Add function to purchase crafting materials from GE.
1.0 -Updated script to complete levels 1-5 using leather gloves.
1.1 - Fixed a bug encountered within the transition from Crafting Leather Gloves to Crafting Gold Rings
1.2 - Fixed a bug encountered with crafting Gold Rings
Progress Reports
Edited by Juiced308
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