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[F2P] Potato Picker - No reqs 30k+ p/h

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[F2P] Potato Picker - No reqs 30k+ p/h
Created by botthestrange
⚡ botthestrange - Potato Picker⚡
✅  Can be started anywhere, walks to Draynor to do bank check then starts picking Potatos.
✅  Walks to a random spot in the Potato farm and starts picking.
✅  Detects if another player is in the farm and if so world hops.
✅  Searches old bookshelf for tinderbox, drops then repeats for a random amount of time then loots them all and banks & repeats.
✅  Two anti-ban measures added, a random mini delay in between picks and random afk timer on bank runs.
✅  Has GE sell orders enabled so you can have them selling as you are looting.
  • I am making this public due to the GE buy volume being so low.  I have noticed other bot farms picking up on this causing the price to tank to as low as 6gp ea averaging about 25gp each as apposed to 45 when I was using it.
  • GE Sell price currently set to 1gp, modify as needed.
  • Script is set to stop & logoff if it has more than 6mill in bank. This feature is only there since I was using this with other scripts and can be modified as needed.
  • I have ran this bot for over 24 hours with no breaks before without a ban so take advantage of it while you can.
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