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Sheep Sheerer

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Sheep Sheerer
Created by austin2020

Script Name: Sheep Sheerer

Fully automated
Buys sheers for you if coins are in bank
if coins arent in bank it will loot sheers
if starting from tut island it will walk to bank once complete bank ur stuff then withdraw coins and go buy sheers.
once sheers bought it will sheer sheep FLAWLESSLY
Banking when full
Detects fake sheep and dont try and hit it
Runs if in combat or hp falls below x amount. runs to safe spot outside pin the back in a second.
Does not attempt to click sheep outside of the fence.
Hops worlds if more than yourself is there.
Great anti ban

---Average gp per hour---
150k per hour per account.

Test time: MANY overnight hours 100+ hours logged with 6 accs running full blast whole time. i did eventually recieve a ban on all accounts after around 90+ hours ingame playtime.

Is support offered? yes sir always.

Improvements can always be made if bugs are found please let me know.

**yes its back with improvements **

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