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F2P Tut to Goldrings

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F2P Tut to Goldrings
Created by Pikkel Rick
F2P Tutorial Island to Goldrings
Hey guys, I have a new script that i would like to share with you guys. This will let your bot craft goldrings straight off tutorial island! It will make some starting money, craft to lvl 5 and then craft gold rings.
Path when started in lumbridge straight after tut island:
- Sells starter items at GE
- Buys some starting food and walks to ferox enclave
- Loots planks until it is out of food, or if it has looted 100+ planks
- Sells planks at Ge
- If your account has made 20k+, the script will switch to the crafting part. If not, the script will buy some more food and continue looting planks
- Crafts to lvl 5 with leather gloves
- Crafts gold rings
- When out of gold bars, the script will sell the gold rings and restock on gold bars. Then continues crafting gold rings.
The best thing of the script is: You can run this straight from tutorial island! 
Where to start the script:
- In lumbridge straight after tutorial island (with starting items in inventory)
- If crafting lvl > 5 , start at Edgeville furnace with ring mould and gold bars.
- At the bank chest in Ferox Enclave with 4 trouts in inventory and some in bank
If you want to mule your gold, leave like 20k on the account so it can restock on gold bars and continue to make gold rings!
Got any bugs or tips/ideas, let me know!
Discord: Pikkel Rick#5207
Happy Botting!
Pikkel Rick
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