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F2P Progressive Woodcutting

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 F2P Progressive Woodcutting
Created by powerrangeralt
Chops trees around Port Sarim and banks using the Deposit box for quick storage. Supports all F2P axes based on your woodcutting level and will withdraw the best one you can use from the bank as you level up. Currently chops up to Willow trees.
[Image: F2-P-Woodcutting-32hr.png]


Version 0.2 
Ninja update because I forgot to include the screenshot timer for automatic screenshots. No actual code change
Version 0.1 
Chops Trees, Oaks, and Willows based on your woodcutting level. Deposits to Port Sarim deposit box

Withdraws highest level axe you can use from the bank as you level up.

Anti-AFK checks to keep you chopping in case you get stuck on a tree

Randomized short AFKs and Inventory/Skill tab switches


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