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Fruit stall Thief Perfect

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Fruit stall Thief Perfect
Created by austin2020

[Image: DB5-WSw1-Ws-AAQ5kh.jpg]

Eating food u steal from stall if hit points falls below 60%
Running to the fruit location from any location in runescape.
Dropping cheap fruit/ keeping select expensive fruits only/ fruit tops.
Safe spot running if dogs attack as well as tricking dogs to move back into normal thief spot not attacking anymore  Smile
Banking Once invy is full of items you requested

Support offered on script ? Currently i offer full support on all free scripts even if i didn't write them Smile ( as long as original writer doesn't mind me fixing up)

Where to start: Anywhere

Credits too Skooks for concept of script and overall explanation of how script would work, I made this script with him via team viewer / discord screen share teaching him how everything works, Hope everyone enjoys!

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