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[F2P] Progressive Crafter

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Strange AFK Progressive Crafter
Created by botthestrange
⚡ Strange AFK Progressive Crafter ⚡

A simple script to get them E-Z crafting levels
✅  Progressive f2p Crafting.
✅  Can technically get to 99 making hardleather bodies.
✅  Level 1-28 in 23 minutes.
✅  If required materials are missing the script will log out and stop.
✅  Random delays to help reduce bans.
✅  Clears clutter from your inventory and withdraws only needed items.
✅  Fast, simple, and just works.
☞  Ensure you have a needle, thread, and the needed amount of leather and/or hard leather in bank. THATS IT
⚀ Start at any bank.
⚁ Ensure you have a needle, thread, and the needed amount of leather and/or hard leather in bank. 
⚂ L1-28 costs about 105k for Leather and thread. (About 455 Leather & 250 thread)
⚃ L28+ It crafts hardleather bodies. You will need to calculate your own expenses after that.
Known Issues:
☣ Script will select needle and try to craft while still crafting.
     This appears to happen if on a lagging server/area or pc.  To help alleviate this change the sleep delay while animating on the 2nd to last line (method 36) from 1500,600 to 3000,600.
Future Goals:
⚒ Resolve All known Issues
⚒ Add auto buy feature.  Have script purchase Needle, Thread, and needed leather to get to at least 28 crafting.
 Special thanks to IRON for assisting with this! 
Edited by Zackaery
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