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Lumby Shrimps & Anchovies - Fish & Deposit

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Lumby Shrimps & Anchovies - Fish & Deposit
Created by Escanor
:heart: Escanors' Lumby Shrimp & Anchovy Fisher w/Deposit v0.1 :heart:
Will perform the following
Fish & deposit Raw shrimps and Raw Anchovies to the lumby bank deposit box
(Also supports depositing any clues or other items obtained during fishing)

Will go to the nearest bank deposit box and retrieve a small fishing net for you if one is not in your inventory
(Provided the bank deposit box has a bank near it)
:exclamation: -Required- :exclamation:
1. Start from anywhere that has a bank with a deposit box
2. Have a Small fishing net either in your bank or your inventory
Edited by Zackaery
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