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From 1-35 cooking Automated/ Fully auto Ingredient Combiner & Pizza Cooker.

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1-35 cooking Automated ** Muel & Cook **
Created by austin2020

Script #1 - 1-35 cooking Automated ** Muel & Cook **

Supplies needed to muel 160 shrimp/ 460 trout.
Level achieved during process - 35

What does the script do?
Start a new account in lumbridge, it will ask prior to script running what ur mule name is and his world, once at mule location it will trade your mule and accept said ingredients above. Once it has said ingredients it will cook shrimp until lvl 15 witch then it will cook trout. Once you have obtained 35 cooking it will log out. (all this cooking is done at varrock East bank)

Credits : mainly go to weirdbeatle7 / Myself for script improvements / extending it

Runtime : over 3 days on multiple accounts with 0 bans

Process Time to completion : Around 2 hours give or take if no breaks -1 hour.

Features: Trading muel of your choice for supplies.
Starting to cook shrimp until lvl 15
Once lvl 15 switching to trout until lvl 35.


Fully automated pizza combiner/ cooker ** Fully auto pizza combiner & crafter **
Created by austin2020

Script #2 - Fully automated pizza combiner/ cooker ** Fully auto pizza combiner & crafter **

What Does script do?
Make sure too get supplies from Mule prior to running script. (combination ingredients for normal pizzas (cheese tomato pizza base), run script at preferably varrock west bank during combining, once its done combining it will walk to varrock east bank and cook them until finished. it will then logout when all are done.

Runtime : over 3 days as it came along side script #1

Average gp per hour : 150k+

Credits : myself

Features: Combining pizza ingredients until finished.
once bank is cleaned of ingredients it will proceed to cooking pizzas
Once pizzas are done being cooked it will log out.

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