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[F2P] Progressive Fishing

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[F2P] Progressive Fishing
Created by powerrangeralt

Levels fishing with support for starting from any level. Will automatically collect necessary equipment needed to fish for the appropriate levels. Also completes 7 QP so that it breaks up some of the early level fishing repetitiveness and allows you to sell/trade fish without waiting for the new account time limit.

Progress Pics:

[Image: F2-P-Combat-35hr-Overall.png]

[Image: F2-P-Progressive-Fishing.jpg]
Version 0.8 
  • Updated Romeo and Juliet quest to work with the current birthday event going on
Version 0.7
  • Fishes in the following places:
    - 1-20: Lumbridge Swamp
    - 20-39: Barbarian Village
    - 40-50: Karamja Lobsters
    - 50+: Karamja Swordfish

  • Completes the following quests to earn 7QP:
    - Sheep Shearer
    - Cook's Assistant
    - Romeo & Juliet

  • Earns money for equipment and Karmaja trips automatically
  • Collects feathers for Barbarian Village fishing automatically
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