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No-Ban Barbarian Fishing - by Talent Buyer

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No-Ban Barbarian Fishing
Created by Talent Buyer
Start in "Fixed Aspect Mode" - Zoom Settings Do Not Matter
Start with Barbarian Fish Rod and Feathers in first 2 inventory slots.
Must have 48 Fishing and Barbarian Fishing method unlocked.
Do not interact with OSRS at all while script is running. Disable Mouse and Keyboard. Since it is using threaded keys one wrong keystroke at the wrong time [it's unlikely you land a keystroke on the exact second it's using the threaded key (it's using shift for dropping)] but for the sake of trying the bot for what it is please disable mouse and and keyboard from the beginning.
This bot power fishes at Barbarian Village and does a GREAT job making sure you do NOT get banned while still optimizing EXP. I've poured my years of anti-ban/gold farming knowledge into this.
Can start WITH or WITHOUT Dragon Harpoon.
If you have a harpoon - it will auto spec for you so you get your boost :)
If you don't have a harpoon - no sweat it wont try and spec :)
I hope you enjoy this bot as much as I have enjoyed making it!
Built in break handler so don't worry about breaking settings. I highly SUGGEST do not mess with the break handler settings. I have a very good idea of how to NOT get accounts banned!
If ran for a 24 hour cycle it will fish for a total of 12 hours in 1(+/- 23%) hour increments.
Should be flawless and if not please message me immediately on discord or here - TalentBuyer#2481 (Case Sensitive)
Change Log
1.2.7 - Extra Move Mouse off Screen Features to mimic AFK behavior.
1.2.8 - Fixed Threaded Key Release on Method 5.
1.2.9 - Added Additional Dragon Harpoon Detection for the occasional widget failures as well as Fixed any breaking bugs for long botting hours.
Special thank you to nifty19 and Lukeeexd for the help and reviews of the script.
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