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Zulrah Factory
Created by ProjectPact / nifty19 / Juiced308
This is the base for a Zulrah script. It is not a complete script! You will have to add support for restocking and handling deaths if you wish to have these features.
How to use:

Make sure you have your gear setup properly in the script. Right now, you can use the default gear layout, or edit it to your own. If you search in the script, you will find the default gear layouts in Method #19, Method #900 and Method #901.

Make sure you have the correct food. The script is currently using Sharks. It also has support for Cooked karambwan if you want to combo eat. 

The script supports Prayer potions, Ranging potions, Magic potions and Anti-venom, so make sure you bring those with you.


iQe3vLx.png iTGz4Ke.png


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