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✔️[F2P] Zero to Hero

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[F2P] Zero to Hero
Created by powerrangeralt
Kills monsters to level up a character. Collects starter gear from Adventurer Jon as your Attack levels increase to seem more human like. Will fish and cook it's own food as needed, unless you supply it with Trout, Salmon, or Lobsters. Also completes 7 quest points if your character goes fishing, so that it does not spend so much time doing one activity.
Download the latest version from the Script Factory Repository!
Progress Pics:
Script only supports accounts that get the combat adventurer path. If you get the gatherer adventurer path...I'm sorry. In order to have the best chance at getting the Combat adventurer path, choose one of these menu options during tutorial island:
Juiced308 has created a variation with a different leveling path which sounds awesome. Check it out below:

Hey PR,

I'm going to recommend a simple script change to the early combat stages that switches between attack and strength earlier on and only when it matters like when it results in a new max hit, etc. This should help in optimizing the initial combat training progression a bit.

- Combat training sequencing
    - Train to 5 attack
    - Train to 6 strength
    - Train to 10 attack
    - Train to 14 strength
    - Train to 20 attack
    - Train to 23 strength
    - Train to 20 defense
Note: Some NPC progression stages were altered based on combat level

Then enjoy Z2H.

Juiced308's version is available below:


Version 0.42
  • Updated the logic for breaking slightly. Added a variable check to determine when it should break.
  • This is in the BETA version so that we don't break the main script
Version 0.41
  • Added a custom break handler to hopefully allow the bot to break more successfully. Currently it's set to bot for 60 minutes and break for 120 minutes. Feel free to adjust the timers in the file
  • This is in the BETA version so that we don't break the main script
Version 0.40
  • Added in widget check for the annoying world hop restriction. Thanks to the winners of the contest for their submissions!
  • Added a check for the room on top of goblins just in case you accidentally click on the ladder and get stuck up there
  • No longer in BETA. I think we've tested enough now
Version 0.39
  • Minor updates to quests
  • Changed interaction style with Adventurer Jon
  • Still in BETA
Version 0.36
  • Fixed a very tiny bug where it wouldn't fish for food if it ran out during Al-Kharid Warriors. Oops!
  • Also adjusted the script cycle time to reduce CPU usage. As always, let me know if anything doesn't seem right!
  • Still in BETA
Version 0.35
  • Made some updates to the logic for walking back to the starting area if it gets stuck on the outer boundary
  • Adjusted some of the logic to stop booleans from always being set each loop
  • I'm not sure if either of these changes broke anything, an hours worth of testing looks promising. Let me know!
Version 0.33
  • Alright, alright...I took Monks out. A whole new monster and area have been added in that I was using. Enjoy
  • (Minor updates to quest configs settings to hopefully keep them from being spammed. Hopefully they still work)
Version 0.29
  • Improvements to Monk Area boundaries and checks in that area
  • Added a timer that will move the player back to the starting area if it somehow makes it's way to the edge of the boundary
  • Still in BETA. Let me know what's working and not working
  • Other fixes
Version 0.25
  • Added in new methods for detecting players in the fighting areas to reduce the world hopping
  • Added in new methods to attack monsters in the fighting area
  • Adjusted some logic to equip items better if it dies or doesn't equip properly at startup
  • Adjusted quest logic for Sheep Shearer and Cooks Assitant slightly to hopefully be more reliable
  • This version isn't tested in depth. Releasing as BETA. Let me know what's working and not working
  • Other fixes
Version 0.22
  • Added in defense levels during training
  • Continue fishing trout and salmon until 45 instead of 40
  • Adjustments to the amount of gold it takes out of the bank
  • Made fishing a lot better by removing the long timers and implementing a new Anti-AFK system
  • Other fixes
Version 0.13
  • Updated Romeo and Juliet quest to work with current birthday event
  • Changed some logic for getting equipment from Adventurer Jon, should hopefully be more stable
  • Not able to reproduce issues with script getting stuck around Draynor bank. If anyone can reproduce this and go to Others -> Debug -> Show Variables List and paste me a screenshot that'd be great.
Version 0.11
  • Fixed some logic around switching to lobster fishing at level 40
  • Fixed Roof Disabling after new Script Factory version
  • Removed Beta version, we're all now back to one script
Version 0.9 
  • Adjusted methods for disabling roofs so it will hopefully be more reliable
  • Added logic to check cooking level as well as fishing level. Should now fish and cook lower level options if you started this script after having a higher fishing level
  • This is a major change to the script. I'm leaving the old version of the script up as the primary and these changes will be in the file named BETA
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