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Simple Gnome Agility Course Runner

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Simple Gnome Agility Course Runner
Created by CnPx
This is a simple script that runs around the Gnome agility course. I created this as for some reason I couldn't get the nifty agility one to work on this course  :(
This isn't nothing to major but works perfect with no problems. 
Simply walk to near the Gnome agility course and start the script and it will run the course up until you stop the script. This is a basic script so it doesn't have any timer functions or breaks. 
You don't need food for this course either as you cannot fall off anything and loose health.
Hope it comes in handy for some of you.   :D
Windows 10 script files location: C:\Users\USERNAME\OSBot\Data\ProjectPact\OSRS Script Factory\Local Scripts
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