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With the brand new release of zWintertodt, we had the amazing thought of "Let's automate this to the fullest". Yup, that's right! AG and I teamed up together to completely automate the grind for Wintertodt requirements on ANY account. Just start the script with membership, and it'll decide what you still need to do with our awesome task detection! 

Does this work on Hardcore Ironman?
YES! @"A G" and I specifically built this script to work on any accounts other than Ultimate Ironman, including adding the safety aspect for Hardcores. This script will safely walk through any potential aggressive npcs, and thread eat when needed. We've calculated the max hits of all possible NPC encounters and have adjusted the thread eating to support this. You can start this account right off of tutorial island and gain all of the stats needed for Wintertodt. 

What is required to start it?
This script will stop if you're not a member. 

You must have your account off of tutorial island. 
We attempted to fully automate this script, however, due to ironmen requiring a bank pin, and membership was needed to be added in order to start the task system, we decided to not offer Tutorial Island. Feel free to check out @"Powerrangeralt" Tutorial Island script, however, If you're planning on becoming an Ironman, DON'T FORGET TO CHOOSE IT BEFORE LEAVING THE ISLAND!

1-20 Construction:
Complete's Daddy's home Miniquest for 8 construction.
Collects planks at Barbarian Assault to get the remaining 20 construction. 

1-25 Fletching:
Fletches logs in lumbridge to obtain 25 fletching.
Starts with regular logs, and works it's way up to Oak shortbows, sells the bows to the store.

1-35 + Thieving:
Thieves men in Lumbridge to obtain gold for a Steel axe.
Thieves cakes from the Bakers stall when it reaches Ardougne, collects over 600 cakes for your adventure to 99 Firemaking.
Thieves silks from the Silk stall when it is finished stealing cakes. Obtains the amount of gp needed to sustain the account for the remaining tasks required to get to Wintertodt.

1-48 + Woodcutting:
Cuts logs to obtain 25 fletching, ranging from normal logs, to Oak logs in Lumbridge.
Cuts 1700+ Oak logs in Seers Village to bank enough for 50 Firemaking. 
Collects all Bird's nest that are dropped from the trees while completing the Woodcutting tasks.

1-50 Firemaking:
Successfully lights all of the logs collected from the Woodcutting task in order to obtain 50 Firemaking, for access to the Wintertodt Minigame.

Collects four pieces of Warm Gear while completing the level tasks.
- Rainbow scarf
- Clue hunter cloak
- Clue hunter gloves
- Clue hunter boots
Collects 600 Cakes while thieving
On your road to 99 Firemaking via Wintertodt, you will use anywhere from 500-650 cakes. This will take care of a large portion of your collecting, in order to get you to 99 Firemaking the fastest!

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