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Need the Angler outfit? Don't want to pay someone $10 to obtain it for you? Don't want to spend 5.5 hours obtaining the outfit by yourself? Come get your Angler outfit today, no hassles, and easy to obtain!
- You must have at minimum 15 Fishing to be able to play this minigame.
- You must have swamp paste, or coins in the bank to be able to purchase swamp paste.
- Obtains all pieces of the Angler outfit.
- When all pieces are obtained it will take a screenshot for you, before stopping the script and logging you out.
- Purchases a bail bucket for you if you don't have one.
- Re-stocks swamp paste if you run out. (Hops to different worlds if the stock is < 400, this saves you a ton of coins).
- Only uses paste if your activity bar is not in the green, when your activity bar is in the green, your player will simulate an afk like state.
- If your player is in water, and there's a minute left of gameplay, your player will use the bail bucket, instead of wasting swamp paste.
- If you run out of paste during the game, your player will use the bail bucket.
- If you join a game late, your player will simulate an afk state until the game starts, this has an afk idle timer added to it.
- If you have the minimum fishing level to wear the pieces (Level 34 Fishing), your player will equip the pieces as it obtains them.
- When collecting from the Trawler net, your player will deposit all of the items to the bank, unless it's an Angler piece.
- If your player tries to click the net, and it's not supposed too, it will correct itself.
- If your player opens the net, and the interface closes before being able to obtain the Angler outfit, it will pick the Angler item up off of the ground.
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