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bigNsmall AIO 

-Account builds

PM me or add me on discord: bigNsmall#5298 UID: 481148650387406858



1. Services or accounts must be paid upfront unless discussed otherwise. All payments go through bigNsmall. 2. Customer must supply the account with membership and supplies required for training unless discussed otherwise. 3. You don't login on your account during the service. Unless agreed upon before the service is started. 4. When you request our services, please remove all unnecessary wealth off of the account. 5. If our team cannot complete your order, we will refund you for what is left to be completed based on our prices. 6. We won't be responsible for any offences on the account since all our jobs will be done by hand and by hand only. 7. We may update these terms at any time and it is your responsibility to have read the latest version of them. 8. You must change your password after the service is completed. We are not responsible for anything that happens to your account before, during or after it's delivered. 9. We are not responsible for the loss of any ironman statuses. 10. No refunds are issued in a case of bans or removal of items. 11. Will use MM if you wish. You must get one and pay additional fees. Will never deny a PM. 12. Refunds will not be given after the service is started. 13. All trading must be done through tickets and all payments will be accepted by bigNsmall only. Trading with workers will mean your order will be cancelled and there won't be any refund. 14. Recovering accounts in attempts to squash bans will only be covered for one month after sale. Once this month has passed, additional fees can and will be charged for this service.
ezgif.com-gif-maker_7.gifBeware of impostors! - Always check UID!


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Images did not work, edited text colour :) + disc link/TOS
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