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⚡[SELLING] [25% OFF] ✅Rested Tutorial Island Accounts✅ - Automated Payments⚡

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Use discount code "weback" for 25% off
Join our discord server to order ->

Price & Minimum order amount

  • Without discounts/bulk sale In USD starting prices
  • Tutorial Island -> $0.08/account (Min amount 10)
  • Regular accounts -> $0.02/account (Min amount 50)
  • HCIM -> $0.1/account (Min amount 10)
  • Message either Gunman or Medusa on discord for a GP quote


We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • DAI
  • 07 GP

Extra Info

  • All of our accounts are created on High-Quality Residential NA IP addresses.
  • All tutorial island accounts are rested for at least 9 days with last login of at least 3 days.

  • All accounts are created by us, we are the original owners with no email registered
  • What are regular accounts? Accounts that have only been registered on Jagex's website. Nothing else.
  • What are HCIM? They're Hardcore Ironmen accounts who have completed Tutorial Island.


Example of how to order.


Future Considerations.

  • Automated GP purchasing. FINISHED.
  • Adding Ironmen Tutorial Island accounts as a purchase option (FINISHED).

Please feel free to contact any of our discords.

@Gunman -> MrGunman200™♥#0001 (UID: 594520423270449162)

@Medusa -> Medusa#4145 (UID: 184549835028955136) 

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