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Exco Herbiboar

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Exco Herbiboar
A partnership between @FuryShark and @Patrick
$3,99 - 24 hour trials available - like and comment on this thread 
Don't pm either of us on OSBot or Discord to ask for a trial.

Buy The Script Here

Buy this script and you can get yourself a weird pet that looks like it belongs in pokemon!
Minimum requirements of 80 Hunter. Exp ranges from 110k to 150k xp/hr dependant on level.
This provides non-stop herb drops for your ironman, or a nice amount of money if you were to sell!
You can even get a bunch of fossils that you can turn in for XP in any skill!

Will drink Stamina potions to ensure the most herbiboar catches per hour!
With the cool GUI you can select unwanted herbs to drop.
It can even clean selected herbs for extra profit and xp!

Bug Reports/Suggestions:
Only message @FuryShark in regards to bugs.
Recommended places to submit bug reports in order:
Discord -> OSBot PM -> In a reply here
Things to include to ensure fastest fixes:
Picture of client with paint shown. Picture of logger (Bottom right of client). Picture of GUI settings. As much detail about the bug as possible.

Progress Reports:YOzM7aY.png

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2 hours ago, dad7789597 said:

Could i get a trial please :) most likely gonna buy just wanna make sure it runs smoothly 


59 minutes ago, Eiwittenhoog said:

Hi there, 

New to the website and would like to receive a trial if possible.

 Other herbiboar scripts have been very disappointing for me and seem to continuously get stuck.

Have a nice day,



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