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Stealth Passive Goldfarmer

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18 hours ago, moochows said:

Would it be possible during farming runs to have the script deposit all empty buckets when it withdraws full ones from the leprechaun? Currently for me it will end up with almost a full inventory of empty buckets while doing a run forcing it to only pick 1-4 sweetcorn than run back and forth to the leprechaun many times.

Does it not prioritize dropping empty buckets over exchanging crops?

10 hours ago, cookieadams said:

@TokenMy Guy, the guyest of guys. Stealth Quester is one of the best purchases that i've made on the internet, and i would really like to trial you're newest scripting venture.  Please oh Please give me the cheese

Authed :doge: 

10 hours ago, jjohns said:

Any approximation on the release date of this beauty?


Hopefully in a week or so, I've been very busy lately

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