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Fury Enchanter

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Fury Enchanter



Enchants ALL jewellery and bolts - supporting 1 tick bolt enchanting!
F2P Jewellery include Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond Amulets.

Start the script with required runes in inventory && staff equipped.
If enchanting bolts only have the required bolts in inventory.

AFK Mode - Recommended if using mirror mode to avoid issues.


Progress Reports:





Script id:  1068

Enchant - Item to enchant as it's written in game replacing spaces with _
Afk - Click enchant then wait until done set/inventory. True/False
Sleep - If using Afk mode you are able to have afk sleeps when done enchanting. True/False 
Min - If using Sleeps will be minimum sleep. Any integer lower than maximum in milliseconds.
Max - If using Sleeps will be maximum sleep. Any integer higher than minimum in milliseconds.

Enchanting Emerald bracelets while using afk mode with afk sleeps between 2.5 and 5 seconds:
     -script 1068:Enchant.Emerald_bracelet.Afk.True.Sleep.true.Min.2500.max.5000

Enchanting Ruby bolts while using afk mode without sleeps:
     -script 1068:Enchant.Ruby_bolts.Afk.True

Enchanting Dragonstone amulets not using afk mode:
     -script 1068:Enchant.Dragonstone_amulet.Afk.False



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