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6 hours ago, DeadPk3r said:

Just bought looks great.


Bought script works fast.


If someone makes there own preset upload them would like to see other layouts.

@ProjectPact If anyone uploads there presets could you add them to OP?

Yea we can do something like this! 



Also, I am working on a the next version of the script which will fix some common problems some people are having. Will be performing much better! <3 

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Version 0.2 has been pushed! Also, a video is being made to display how the organizer works!


* Fixed multiple organizing bugs

* Added a lot of new items to the list

- > Added all unfinished potions

- > Added super energy and restore

- > Added God staves 

- > Added all med helms

- > Added all clue scrolls

- > Added Zulrah’s scales

- > Added Zulrah items

- > Added Ring of sufferings

- > Added all cats

- > Added all bracelets

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