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Damrau Slayer

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I've been working on this for a few days now and wanted to make a dev thread for it so I can track progress on it over time. First script I've made for OSBot.



Masters: Fully Turael, Most of Vannaka

Skipping unsupported tasks via Turael (Some aren't reachable via webwalking currently so I just have it skipped)

Traveling the world via teleports

Range support via looting larger stacks of ammo you've fired, so you're not running around picking up every single bolt you fire. (Test account doesn't have ava's currently)

Getting extra items for specific tasks. Ex: Anti++ for poisoning tasks, waterskins for desert tasks.

Gear swapping for tasks and back to main gear after task. Ex: dragon hide for jellies or mirror shield for cockatrice

Future updates:


Once test account get up to 70+ and 85+ combat I'd like to add higher masters.

Improve script efficiency

Update Log:


4-2-18: Finished monkey madness on test account, for better dps over rune scimmy or granite hammer, unskipped a few higher level monsters for better exp rates now. Redid afew bank area's as its set per task and redid a few kill areas I found to not be 100% efficient.

4-3-18: Unskipped trolls, ankou and fire giants, built a method for walking when web walker fails(Still needs tested)

4-4-18: Unskipped green dragons, refined banking a little more and some when to walk to task logic.



Non combat levels:

27+ woodcutting for baby green dragons (web walking sets this)

26+ firemaking for oil lantern



Lobster as food currently

Range gear appreciate to range level(50-60 blue dhide, 60-70 red ect) for magic melee tasks, until gui is made and can be entered manually.

Oil lantern

Tele tabs

Water skins and shanty pass


Bag of salt and ice coolers

Ear muffs

Progress reports from testing so far.


First report pre tele and Vannaka support.


Weak gear and slower while training range some.


Longest run so far


Best one hour so far (4-1-18). Remember mediocre stats and gear. This account was fresh level 3 when I started development. (Had a 55 streak going before I added skipping and Vannaka)


(4-2-18) After unskipping some higher level monsters



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Plan for 4-5-18. Leave account running for extended period while I do water pump on my pickup to test stability. (I don't fear it failing in this time as I've run it for hours on end already without fault.)


Script has achieved 60+ in melee stats and 55+ Slayer on this test account, in about one weeks time testing and fine tuning the script. 

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