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How to Make Elemental Bow Ranger Build in PoE


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What is Ranger? Ranger is about ranged combat and keeping enemies at bay with a torrent of arrows at a certain distance. You can say it is an Archer. Many players have the false belief that they can focus on all offense and just skip out the defense due to being able to attack while keeping away, relying on micromanagement to stay out of harm's way. Unluckily, such players realize their mistakes because they get cornered and surrounded by high level monsters that take no time at all to tear them apart. So if you want to play Path of Exile well, a build that balances both offense and defense is needed.


An excellent answer comes courtesy of an elemental bow ranger build that takes most of its offense from elemental damage so that there are enough points put into survivability. It's a cookie cutter build to keep things interesting with a bit of Blood Magic. So this build does well with decent PoE Currency. Definitely, this is not the glass cannon build that most beginners lean towards, but a balanced configuration puts about everything into consideration. It is a Ranger build for the discerning and smart Path of Exile player who is aware of what is ahead and approaches with a plan for every problem.

What your opinion about elemental bow ranger build?

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