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main mule banned

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20 minutes ago, combat_acc said:

Is it possible to get banned for botting on ur mule if u didnt bot on it?


like if it was ban for rwt wouldnt it say so?

There has definitely been a rise in mule bans recently, i guess just try and sell your gold every night so if a ban does happen you dont lose alot

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40 minutes ago, combat_acc said:

my mule got perm ban for botting

but i never even logged on a bot client on it 

Your mule got banned for being a mule. Yes, you didn't bot on it but that's usually the offense that's given to accounts being used as mules for bot accounts. 

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1 hour ago, Septron said:

if you don't bot on the mule but it gets traced back you get a real world trade ban.


1 hour ago, LeBron said:



Has never happened me back in the day when I was doing some goldfarming though. 

Thats not true anymore

The will bann your mules with a macro bann since this week, Already have a few of those.
Never been botted on or anything.

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