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Khal Wintertodt

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seems to work great for me! will be buying it after i complete the mining grind on the accounts.

only one thing i noticed: it seems to click on your 'friends' icon at your backpack on a fairly regular basis.

It does this for no reason, and i think it's an easy pattern to find. could you look into it? i checked the logger but it doesn't day anything


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Got banned on 2 accounts in the 2 days since I bought this script.

Took regular random breaks through the bot client on 1, played for 3-4 hours at a time on the other with manual breaking and shut down the comp without bots running while i was sleeping on both accounts.

The running path is exactly the same, not different as the post clearly states. The bot runs back and forth from brazier to roots at the end of every game, easily detectable, only way to avoid is to turn on and set the afk points, but that is equally as detectable.

Not going to use this script again, was hoping to get a refund if that's possible. haven't paid for a script in awhile but i was disappointed with this one.

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Please make the running path more random on this script


I got my account banned within the first eight hours of purchasing the script, and I only used it for a couple hours with multiple breaks. As I was watching the script, it would stand in the same exact spots and wouldn't even start the brazier at the beginning even though I adjusted the setting to do so. Instead, it would stand a couple units away from the brazier and as it was being lit, the script ran back to the wintertodt log with the rest of the people who lit the brazier.


Looking for a refund please.

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On 9/18/2016 at 3:13 PM, Khaleesi said:

Khal Wintertodt 

© Created by @Khaleesi


Are you bored of playing wintertodt to get 99 firemaking?

Always wanted to have the Phoenix or the Pyromancer outfit?

Do you want to make some quick cash?

Khal Wintertodt is your ultimate solution to all your firemaking needs.


Get Your Copy Here!










- Chopping and burning logs (Standard)

- Fletching logs

- Lighting and fixing the brazier

- Smart point calculation (don't waste time)

- AFk mode at certain points

- Skip game (Whenever you join in later)

- Banking and food support

- Advanced scripting structure, 99.99% flawless scripting

- A clean and easy interface to start and track the script.

- Randomized pathing system, humanlike paths, no repetitive clicking.

- Script will never idle, start script and let it run forever!


Antiban / Anti-pattern:

- Randomized clicking positions

- Random actions to break the pattern

- Pathing is always random and close to human behaviour

- Random/dynamic sleep times for humanlike interactions



- level 50 firemaking

- Level 1 woodcutting (lvl 15+ recommended)

- Level 1 flecthing (lvl 3+ recommended)


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q: Where can we find this script?

A: This can be found at the store here


Q: How and where do I start this script?

A: Simply start the script inside the game or outside at the bank


Q: The GUI is resized and I can't see all options?

A: You can modify values in the GUI file yourself and load those in the GUI.

FilePath =OSBot/Data/Khal/Images/wintertodt/gui.properties


Want to purchase using OS/RSGP? Click here!




























  Reveal hidden contents













Bug report Template:

- Mirror or regular client?

- Explain the situation

- Printscreen with the Osbot console enabled and script paint when getting stuck.


Script Trials:

- A 12h trial is available for this script. Like the page and you may request one here or on my trial topic!


Dynamic signatures:

Insert an image into you signature with the folowing link: (Make sure to insert your name at the end)



I want to stop making payments on this

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