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Khal AIO Cooker

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About Khal AIO Cooker



Bought with my fishing script to get 1-80 quickly. Mainly used Hosidius house feature, which ran perfectly for me. 
+I jus love all Khals script start up menus, and how easy the lay out is to handle especially being a newb scripter

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Very solid - doesn't one tick - worried a 1 tick solution would be a red flag so happy for that.

Already my main lobster source as I got up to 62 in a few hours and I can now seed my own food for my bots. 

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I've been using this when I am afking for 3-7 hours on end and it runs great! Loving this script and currently at 84 cooking, 99 soon!

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Running it 8hours a day for a week now, works perfectly and as usual with Khal scripts no bans

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Works great, and has all the meta/mainstream cooking options you would expect. Have noticed some things are missing though such as combining ingredients like Potato with Butter + Tuna and Corn, but I suspect Khal can add these in the future no problem. No other issues to report other than that.

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It works great.
Pretty satisfied with it so far, and I quite like the Humanlike delay feature.

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One of the best and complete cooking scripts out there. Trust in Khals script and let it get ur easiest 99 cooking in no time. 

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I've been testing the script and is a pretty cool tool:

-You can program the actions, for example, you want to test cooking diferent type of foods, put them on the bank, program the script and it will be really easy, i'm using it to get some f2p accounts with no investments and the only bans that i have are for user bans wen i tried in clouded worlds or just some people that likes to ban bots, it depends of your breaks and activity also.

-The script can imitate some human reactions, slows down a bit the bots, but can save you of a lot of bans

-Cheap for all the things that you can cook with it

-Clean GUI, shows all the information that you need with good sthetic and you can also check about the time to level up likeall khal scripts

-Good pathing also activates the stamina when it can: if you are cooking in an oven, it has a good pathing to get there and also activates stamina if posible so makes it faster and you get more xp for it 


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