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tryed it in a trail and just had to buy it, well worth the money. when i did try worked fine for 4 hours with no need to help it.

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I tried this, and it did ok on telekinetic, but I got to graveyard and I had to stop it. It was all screwed up having it gather food from the bank? That's not how MTA is done. You will get your clients detected like that. Please rework this. Very unfortunate. Just watch a guide if you've never seen MTA done. Upset I spent $14 on this with no access to a trial.

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Received a trial for this, which I used up instantly. For anyone wondering; this works flawlessly. I posted some pics in the official thread of what progress I made in a days usage(trial).

Was impressed with the functionality of this script. I'd recommend joining the discord server so that if you have any issues, you can get a faster response from the community there.

This did finish all the points for a Mage's book in one day, using ONLY the trial! Because of how well it worked and how intelligent it solved the puzzles, this was an instant-buy for me. You won't be disappointed. GO find out what runes you're going to need, set up your room layout - and come back to a Master Wand, Book and Full Infinity. 



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work ok in telekinetic, bot spam clicked on  "buy bone to peaches", wears "point hat" then you have full greceful, takes only two stamina potions then one is gone traveling to bank?? wtf? Does't know what he is doing in echantment room. I feel scamed fot 14 $ 

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