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Perfect Blast Furnace

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About Perfect Blast Furnace


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This really is an AIO blast furnace script

Perfect for suicide or just new accounts even.  I have used this bot to get fresh L3's all the way to blast furnace with GE restocking with just a few clicks.  It does all the needed starting quests and grind to get to 30smithing, will walk you to the blast furnace for the first time, and even supports GE restocking!  I can get away with only loading up an account with a few mill and come back hours later with it still running no problem.

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Great script and Czar is very helpful

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I ran this for the first time the other day after purchasing this and WOW, does it really work well, gold gauntlets, ice, switches like a breeze, using staminas.


This BF script works wonders! I went in at 40 smithing few the default coffer amount the script recommended and got to 60 before I knew it and hardly spent any GP. Really fantastic quality as always from Czar.

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Got 5 Accounst to 99 smithing with this lovely script. Czar instantly helped with any issues I was having :) 

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I went from hate to love with this bot hahaha. Nowadays I love this bot and the czar releases updates fixing all the bot bugs daily and gives all the attention in the world to the players. Czar is a king 👑!

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Actually a really good script. Almost got 2 accounts to 99 Smithing already without any issues. Quickly replies in Discord aswell if you ask Czar a question. Thank you!

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Unreal script, had it just over a week and nearly 99 smithing on one of my accounts from 1 smithing. Great money making too. 

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Excellent BF script, had no problems using it. Would recommend it.

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Best BF script on the market, have had multipele script, but this is the only one which got my 20m+ xp on multipele accounts which are still running!

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Best script ever got to 99 smithing and made alot of gp's. Restocking is OP also so u can leave it running 

Czar is also very awesome 5/5 <3

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Great script with GE restocking that allows you to set and forget about the accounts once you run them (no bans so far, one account is already 99 smithing) and Czar is constantly adding more to it! Easy 5/5

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Script is efficient and fast, amazing work. Great stuff as always!

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Flawless scripts, have recently gotten 80 and 82 smithing using this script, not to mention the bank i've made while doing so ! 

Czar is ahead of the game in all aspects, always happy to help and willing to take on feedback at all times ! 

I highly recommend the 24 trial before diving head first into this, just to familiarise yourslf with the abundance of options !! 

would give 6 stars if i could !

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Script is amazing got many levels fast with no ban. Script has restocking also which is an amazing feature. Can’t go wrong with Czars script. 10/10

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This script is amazing the GE restocking and the different choices are amazing. Czar is very quick with and updates if there is a problem with the script! I 100% reccomend this script if anyone is looking to begin goldfarming! 

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This script is AMAZING!!! If you are wanting to get those smithing levels with ease and comfort definitely purchase this script!

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Ive been using this script for a while now. And its just awesome. Easy to understand, easy to setup. the quest part works like a charm. Working GE restocking and selling. Its just great :)

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I wish more scripts were like this! Exactly as it says. AIO. Literally all you need to get to blast furnace. Awesome stuff

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