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About FrostHunter

Aragorn Lorz

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Never had any problems, bot always worked since I used it (at 18m) hunter xp, used it from lvl 80 hunter with osbot 1 version and this one and man I would of paid more than 3,99 for his bot, highly recommend to anyone that wants to sleep/work and come back with 2,3m (10h lvl 99) <3.

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Very very good script! would highly recommend!

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It doesn't work anymore :s

I give it a 5/5 if working, waiting few days for it, but it is not working :(

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Don't bother buying this script, just invest in the more expensive one. The script is extremely simple and very easily detectable. You look exactly like any other bot hunting chinchompas. The author does not update it either nor did he answer any of my questions. Save yourself the ban and invest in the more expensive script. 

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i tried frost miner

i got 64 minign fast... so if u want that overnight get it. real easy to set up

I use null hunter for my gold farm

but his shit is bugged af.

Now I tried projectpacts bot.

His is no good. lags my pcs alot.

THis bot is gr8 for red chins. fixes what u cant have with pat, but u get a nice bot anyway.

What i want for this bot is death/banking support for black chins. cuz red chins is wayyyy too crowded all the time!

almost a realistic possible ban rate too practically.. on my lvl 3 suicide anyway..

ty frost

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I own 3 of the main hunter scripts on this client and this blows the other 2 out of the water when it comes to red chinchompas (which is my main use). For $3.99 this is a great deal. Highly recommend.

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Used it over night, brilliant results so far, amazing for its price! First bot I have ever bought. :)

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