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Product Reviews posted by Fruity

    Frost Barrows

    9.99 USD/month

    incl. VAT

    Best Script on the website (if you remove FruityNMZ ofc :kappa: )

    Amazing Scripter/10 would recommend. will answer every question you have as long as you pm him in the chatbox and send him a :boge:

    Scripter made me enough CashMoney to buy 5 Bottles of Baileys so how could i say a bad word about it?

    Kind regards,


    Khal AIO Agility

    7.99 USD

    incl. VAT

    Firstly the script works amazingly well even on mirror!

    At the moment i have used this script to get me from 1-60 Agility without any problems. at Falador rooftop agility course i was getting 19k exp per hour even though wiki said 17.8k Max exp per hour.

    While using the script i have not once had to move my player to get it unstuck from a miss click or mistake allowing me to leave the script running and not have to worry about it breaking.

    Would definitely recommend buying it to level up your agility!


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