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  1. ruxziii

    LF ironman

    discord is Z190#6217
  2. ruxziii

    LF ironman

    I want to buy an ironman acc
  3. Can I get a trial please
  4. Want to buy mmf acc’s
  5. ruxziii

    LF Range acc

    Looking for an acc to bot revs on
  6. ruxziii

    LF Range acc

    Need a range acc with 75+ range and 40+ def
  7. Whats your disc?
  8. Need fighter torso done on my zerker
  9. Looking to buy accounts with 75 mage, other stats don’t matter
  10. Want to buy an account with just agility trained and full graceful
  11. Wanting to buy a skiller with a pet, lmk what you got
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