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  1. You're using dirty tricks now
  2. You guys need to consult with a doctor, this is not healthy for anyone.
  3. @monkice Can you provide screenshots or proof regarding your feedback?
  4. This is spicy, nice one Pat!
  5. Dispute resolved, closing it now.
  6. Very nice release Patrick!
  7. @TWC Can you post screenshots of the accounts stats and possible value before recovery? And how much you originally paid? I have gone ahead and put @uta in TWC and notified him about the dispute.
  8. @RUNGOLD Have refunded @mooolah for the loss he's unbanned but will remain in TWC for some time.
  9. User didn't care to refund, he's been banned, sorry for your loss.
  10. As Planet stated, we had some issues, they should be solved now.
  11. reopened upon request, @mooolah can you confirm he refunded you fully?
  12. Hello, have you tried checking what it says in the logger? @Fruity
  13. You have LOG in upper case, try change it to log log("GoblinKLiller Is running Happy Botting!");
  14. I am sorry, i didn't see that post before i started writing mine. But in that case, you should run a malware scan as the other members have suggested, because it seems like you have one.
  15. I'm gonna stop you right there, OSBot does NOT steal accounts, the reason you get the "Account locked as we suspect it has been stolen" message, is a message you're often greeted with, if you make an account on one IP, then use it on another IP straight away, they do it very often for F2P accounts, and i know it for a fact, since i have been met by it a dozen of times, what you have to do, is go and unlock the account through their support page, just as they tell, no need to blame OSBot for your flagged proxies.
  16. Please note global OSBot T.O.S always apply in addition to this one. And personal T.O.S can be declared obsolete at a moderators discretion.
  17. User has been banned, if he wishes to return he has to pay @Kubaslushh what he owes. Sorry for your loss.
  18. Yes it is normal, it was introduced on the 2th of April, to try and prevent f2p suicide farming. https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/easter-event?oldschool=1
  19. It looks like you sadly got scammed by a imposter site, I'm sorry for your loss.
  20. It happens for the user on both Stealth AND Mirror mode his java version is: Java version "1.8.0_251" (I know because i already tried helping him, but i was not able to find the cause of the problem)
  21. I have placed @Swapp in TWC and notified him about the dispute, he has 24 hours to respond. In the meantime can you let us know how much he owes you @Kubaslushh?
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