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Status Updates posted by StarService

  1. Instagram: _freshly_baked_

  2. More Gold Coming Soon!!! Add My Skype: Starservice07_EOC for more details! <3

  3. AFK, be back soon :)

  4. all gold sold out with no problems, more coming soon!

  5. I currently have 11m in stock! willing to go first if I think your trusted enough! :) For live updates add my Skype: Starservice_07_EOC or my Twitter @Star_service_ :)

  6. Guys! follow my twitter @Star_service_ I update how much GP & Accounts I have in stock!

  7. Found a green phat last night in a new location: Elf camp

  8. 2 white phats so far and 1 yo-yo :l still searching :3

  9. can't wait to try out the rare finding bot on these phats :3

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