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    Honestly im not going to buy paints, if you decide to join the project though you would get a cut of the profits based on how much work you do It takes about, a day or 2 at this point to write a fully functioning script so depending when i can get a gui designer will be pushing around 3-4 scripts a week that are flawless and more efficient than any other scripts of that kind That is a bold, probably false, statement.
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    Hello community! This release features a patch to fix the freezing issue with many popular scripts such as SuperScript. It also contains a hotfix to Drill Demon. Freezing issue is fixed Drill Demon is patched (untested) The latest build can be downloaded at : http://osbot.org Thanks, Sincerely, Laz and the OSBot Team.
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    aww i seem to have lost me boner ;(
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    I disagree totally. Username changing is great! If you aren't happy with the name you currently have, you could always change it. Incase you didnt know... http://prntscr.com/1tbbis http://prntscr.com/1tbbkn
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    I understand there's already a topic on this, I find it somewhat difficult to understand. Please understand that using breaks is an important part in keeping your account unbanned. More information on how to bot smart -> http://osbot.org/forum/topic/6894-bot-smart-what-it-is-how-to-do-it/ Defining the parts of a "break" [Average Interval] - The "average interval" is the average time between breaks. It's an "average" because of interval deviations, which i'll be getting to in a moment. This is how much time will be in between your breaks on average. [interval Deviation] - This is a very important part of making sure jagex doesn't notice a precise pattern in our breaks. Lets say your "average interval" is 75 minutes, and your "interval deviation" is 10 minutes. This means that the time between your breaks can be anywhere from 65 - 85 minutes. [Average Break Time] - The "average break time" is the average length of the breaks your account will be taking. It is an average, because there are also break deviations, which I will get to in a moment. Your "average break time" should be how long you want your account to stay logged off per break on average. [break Time Deviation] - Break time deviation is very similar to "interval deviation". Your "break time deviation" is how much the length of your accounts break can deviate from the average time. Lets say your "average break time" is 20 minutes and your "break time deviation" is 5 minutes. This means your accounts breaks will be anywhere from 15-25 minutes long. Here is a picture of my break setup Please be sure that you have the "enable breaks" box selected. Now, let me explain how breaks work going off of my break setup. My "average interval" is 75 minutes. my "interval deviation" is 25 minutes. This means that the time in between my accounts breaks can be anywhere from 50 - 100 minutes. my "average break time" is 25 minutes. My "break time deviation" is 10 minutes. This means that the length of my accounts breaks can be anywhere from 15 - 35 minutes. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask below. Drop a like on the post if this helped you!
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    Hi welcome to my masters guide on slayer today you will be learning the locations, and difficulty of tasks. Table of Contents: 1. Slayer Equipment 2. Locations 3. Turael 4. Mazchna 4. Vannaka 5. Chaeldar 6. Duradel Slayer Equipment Plenty of food such as lobster, swordfish, and/or monkfish. You can use sharks, although monkfish is highly suggested, being easy to purchase and healing a significant 16 hit points. Full rune or better Full blue dragons hide or better Amulet of glory for stats and teleports. Multiple may be needed if you cannot access the Heroes' Guild. Games necklaces for a quick teleport to Turael. At least a rune scimitar. A dragon scimitar would be better, as expected. An Abyssal whip would be even better, If you have the money and stats. A lot of teleport runes. Since you don't have Guthan's equipment to heal you, you'll have to bank on a lot of trips. You can use one-click teleports as well, such as the Ectophial or the tiny elf crystal. Recommended Dwarf multicannon. It makes tasks significantly easier and faster, although a lot more expensive. It would take around 300,000 cannonballs to get 99 Slayer. 300-400 Prayer potions. Black mask. Charges aren't necessary. The Black Mask will greatly help you in slaying, as it gives a 15% increase to strength and attack during your task. Amulet of fury, if it can be afforded. Any melee barrows set. This is assuming that you can afford Torag's, but cannot afford Guthan's. Fighter torso. Rune defender, if you have the proper levels to gain entrance to the Warrior's Guild. Full black dragonhide Crystal bow with recharge cost down to 180k. This is assuming that you have completed Roving Elves. Holy book (Saradomin book) Bones to Peaches, obtained from the Mage Training Arena Full Initiate or Proselyte for their prayer boost.
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    Project X Project x is a project that is going to release a wide variety of exceptionally good quality scripts Our scripts will be flawless, efficient, and better than our competitors Current Scripts (Released) XYewCutter - http://pastebin.com/Jp3xQgw4 In Development XDruid - Progress on my druid bot (started about 2 hours ago haha) Fastest possible combat, attacks druids that attack you or the nearest druid that can be attacked Unique Pick up system, pick up herbs in a mass amount to speed up the amount of herbs you can get per hour Eating, Eats when your health falls below a certain percentage (randomly around that percentage) To-Do Paint Starting GUI Path from bank to Druids, supporting tele tabs or not XWoodCutter - Multiple locations with banking, picks up nests, detects randoms, and unique pathing XFletcher - Supports all items with fletching, logs, arrows, bows, stringing XMiner - Mines any rocks in multiple locations Development Team LifezHatred - programmer, lead developer Mace - Graphics Designer We are looking for a GUI designer who can design unique interfaces, And any one who can contribute to the project
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    Very few forums even allow this feature for users, only in extreme cases do they allow username changes. Your name is how people identify you, and the longer you are around the more background and meaning it has to it. Allowing people to change their usernames creates a lot of confusion especially when it's upper members like Cortana who's now and MasterChief who's now @Vigilante. You can see that staff chaining their names like this can be confusing for users. I also don't feel like it should be a sponsor perk either. Your username is your username, it's what people know you by, it's how people refer to you, it's inked to you and all you've done. Pick one you like and stick with so people are able to identify you and know who you are.
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    this thread is highly inappropriate i request removal
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    UPDATE: Version 0.2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D712t4isTpU Fixed clicking too much on Sarcophagus Fixed turning off pray when entrance is detected Improved brother detection and reaction time Doest mess up when there's multiple brother in room PS: Keep in mind this is just a personal challenge, no plans on releasing/selling such a script, unless it proves to be flawless :p
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    Let's hope this thread doesn't get lost and lags out my bot. exGDK Node-Based, Responsive, Stable What is it? exGDK is a Green Dragon killing script that uses Ancient Magicks, Ring of Dueling, Obelisks, Player Combat Detection, Quick Combat and much more. It is nearly complete, when finished it will be available on the SDN. Current Progress exGDK was developed on a node based framework to improve clarity and flexibility especially when adding new content or updating previous content. Nodes: EatFood - Eat if we have food and are under 60 health AttackDragon - Uses mini-map camera, local entity checking for attackable, then filtering for best result based on proximity/player factors, very fast, area based LootBones - Loots bones, uses mini-map, camera roto, right clicking, fail-safes PortalHandler - Can detect current wilderness level, current portal, centre of obelisk and activate. BankingHandler - Walks to bank, deposits everything except teleport runes, withdraws sharks, necessary runes. RingOfDuelingHandler - Activates ring of dueling. TeleportHandler - Teleports to Graveyard WalkToPortal - Walk from GDKArea to Portal GYToPortal - GY to Portal walking handler CombatResponder - Needs to be tweaked to only validate on enemy player in current facingentityarray AntiBan - 50%, need to finish random switch cases for detail PanicHandler - 25%, will detect player combat and attempt to escape. Will use prayers, running, eating, procedural path-finding Design
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    So why is postcount so important to the most of you?
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    Thanks =D that's really motivating.. xD
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    I agree with Based, I like it.
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    ight the male strippers have been booked cortana loool happy b day cortana
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    Happy birthday. Have a great one.
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    thanks a bunch laz! pushing out these updates like a beast even with school!
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    I can confirm that the freezing issue has been resolved, thank you again Laz
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    Dota 2 > LoL LoL is the most atrocious game I've ever played. The community is seriously worse shit than EoC runescape. I can't emphasize enough how horrible of a game LoL is. Anything is better than LoL. Taking a painful shit is more fun than LoL.
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    why don't scripts like ande's fighter work with this?
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